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Driving always seems at the forefront (click for full article)

By Tracy Orzel
Staff Writer

Dear Hydi –

On behalf of all of us at HBO, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for all HYDIDRIVE did to contribute to the successful and flawless outcome for the HBO Docu “41” event in Kennebunkport, Maine on June 12, 2012.

As our on-site contact in Kennebunkport, your knowledge of the HBO event sites, short-cut road routing everywhere, familiarity with the Bush family and all-around “chamber of commerce” expert, you were an invaluable asset and one
we could not have done without. The coordination with the off-site car company plus the HYDIDRIVE suburbans, which were available at all times for over a week, were incredibly instrumental in getting all of where we needed to be at all times. 

Had it not been for you and Joe Fitzpatrick, I don’t know how we would have pulled it off so brilliantly. It was without doubt a stellar and wonderful event and one that we will long remember.

Please know that should we be asked, HYDIDRIVE will be recommended without reservation and should we be fortunate enough to have another event in Kennebunkport, yours is the company we will reach out to without hesitation.

Again, from all of us – THANK YOU!
Best regards,

Merav Brooks
VP HBO Talent Relations

Hydi Dixon is awesome! During the week of our daughter’s wedding in Kennebunkport Hydi was my right hand person. She came to our home the Monday before the wedding; she was given a list of errands, chores, and requests and off she went. The grocery store, the liquor store, the dry cleaners, the jewelry store, the florist, the seamstress, Target, Staples, Wal-Mart, the pet store, the tee shirt store, she delivered gifts, picked up gifts, filled refrigerators, searched for wedding bells, got a pin engraved, filled the cars with gas, went to the airport, took care of the dog…. You name it and she did it and very, very well. She handled all of it: money, pets, children, bridesmaids, …..me, (the rather crazy Mother of the Bride), with ease, efficiency, confidentiality and always with a smile and a funny antidote.
The Designated Driver component of Hydi’s service is a no brainer, especially at a wedding… or rehearsal dinner …. Or night before rehearsal dinner…. Or night before the night before the rehearsal dinner….. It’s a celebratory time: toasts are given, the champagne’s flowing. Why take any chances? …… With Hydi, you don’t even have to think about it: it’s done, everyone is cared for, everyone will get home safely, everyone is accounted for…… it’s a Mother of the Bride’s dream come true! 
You can’t go wrong with Hydi’s service. Use her once and I am sure you will feel the same way as our whole family now does: Hydi was our ‘driver’ and now she’s our friend. It’s a win/win! ! 

Jan Fitzpatrick
Kennebunkport, Maine

Hydi was a great help to us throughout our daughter's wedding weekend. She did airport runs, pizza runs, ice cream runs as well as providing safe transport for our guests the night of the wedding reception. She was a pleasure to deal with, relaxed when we were harried, always willing to help out and absolutely reliable. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.

Louisa & Frank Deland

Two years ago I had plans to have an operation at a hospital in Boston. I didn't want to drive and was not comfortable with going by limo as it involved many trips.I called AAA in Kennebunkport and they gave me Hydi's name and Number.

As soon as I spoke with her I knew I had found the perfect person - upbeat and professional. But I had no idea that these drives could be so much fun! Hydi was always on time, incredibly kind and we had many laughs. She made the entire ordeal a pleasure.

Since that time we have used Hydi for many airport trips and other adventures. This past summer there were two parties scheduled on the same night, both with possible parking problems. Hydi picked us up for the first event, dropped us and returned at the exact right time and we were off to the next party. After that drop-off and a great time - there she was back again. She made what could have been a frustrating evening worry-free and most enjoyable.

Hydi has a gift of making all the complicated problems simple and enjoyable. I am so glad I know her!

Mary Louise Norton

The Engagement....

When we first spoke and Chris Bailey from the White Barn Inn he gave me your information. I thought you would be our driver for the Weekend?. Instead, you became much more than that. The reservation at Tia's topside and Barnacle Billy's Etc. The champagne on Saturday, The photo shoot, And your kindness all helped make the weekend so much more special than it would had been with a standard Limo service. We like to think of you as our " X- Factor". 

Thank you!
Guru & Neha

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